Financial Visionaries: Steven Alan Sugarman

Banking and Finance 2023

In 2017, Steven A. Sugarman founded The Change Company, which is a Community Development Financial Institution certified by the United States Department of Treasury and the State of California to expand access to lending and banking to Black, Latino and low-income borrowers and communities. The Change Company currently has financial partnerships with over 75 banks, insurance companies, asset managers, and socially responsible corporations such as Netflix.

Sugarman previously founded Banc of California and served as the board chair, chief executive officer and president until 2017. He pioneered Banc of California’s extensive community-oriented financial literacy program in partnership with non-profit, community, and faith-based organizations and universities throughout Southern California. In 2014 Sugarman, alongside President Bill Clinton and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, helped set two Guinness World Records for the world’s largest financial literacy event.

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